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Sofa Designs in Pakistan

Latest 2021 Sofa Designs in Pakistan – Sofa Product Show at Gourmet Furnitures

Modern Sofa Designs for Your Home in Pakistan

Sofa DesignsSofa set or you can name it a couch, are the pivotal of a house explicitly living room because they provide adequate seating and conversational alignments. There are a lot of options for sofa design in Pakistan with price in the furniture market that can put you in trouble in adapting specific sofa set designs for home. Consider some guidelines for styling your sofa sets by Gourmet Homes and Furnishers.

Sofa Come Bed

Sofa cum bed or sleeper is trendy due to its dual-purpose. You can use it for seating during day time, and at night they are used as a bed for sleeping. These sofas are the best option for those who have not a designated guest room. These include in that category which provides easy and comfortable set-up. They are comparatively heavy, but their multiple benefits condense their extra weight. These sleepers are made with numerous types of fabrics.

Sofa Covers

Sofa covers are best used to protect your furniture for the long run. It has great importance for the people who have children or pets at home. Sofa covers have a plus point that it can change the outlook of the sofa outlook and gives it a new style with its colour and pattern.


Traditional sofa designsSofa designs simple and traditional are still popular. Their fashion never ends. Classic sofa design with the price is available at our showroom from where you can select according to your choice. They are three-seat sofa sets and usually used in the living room. They design in different colours and fabrics according to the manufacturers. Some sofas have removable cushions with high backs, and some do not have these.

Chaise Sofa

Chaise sofa is a modern form of sectional sofa that provides comfortability to its users. This upholstered sofa is like the shape of a chair which is sufficiently long to prop one’s legs upon it. This French origin seat is translated as a long chair by English people. Chaise lounge sofa has a long cushion, unlike sectional sofa which has a separate cushion for each section.

Strong Sofa Designs

Sofa designs for TV lounge should be firm and attractive because this is the place which entertains the whole family. The frame should be sturdy, and the kiln-dried oak wood or hardwood considered best for the furniture designs. Sofa price in Pakistan with this structure gets high, but it is long-lasting. Try to select the sofas made with hand-Tied springs or with quality fillings.

Placement of the Sofas

sofa placementIt is not only the designs which should be attractive, but the facing of furniture also play a vital role in making them stylish and beautiful. Visually balancing the furniture provide a modern look in the props, for instance, if all the massive furniture place on one side it gives an unbalance in the space. Similarly, it provides breathing to the area by giving room to the site.

Sofa Fabric

The fabric of sofas should be durable if it is placed in a frequently used place. The material which is mostly used is cotton and linen. These two fabrics are considered as the winners in the market. Synthetic microfiber is the other category used as a sofa fabric. Sometimes velvet is used to add delicacy to the design.
Sofa colours

Colours of the sofas are as important as the designs. Brown and tan armchairs with wooden flooring or reddish rugs with beige curtains behind and brown center table add class to your space. Soft blue and aqua go effortlessly with sofa design for bedroom. Brown is the most widely used colour for sofa design in Pakistan because it goes smoothly with décor. It lifts the other hues whatever is added with this. You can use a teal colour to add elegance and classic appeal.

Add Curves to Your Sofas

Curves are a plus in the contemporary sofa design for the drawing-room. Now, this is the time to incorporate this trend in the sofa styles. Conversation sofas or crescent sofas put flair in the room if they are placed precisely, for instance, put them away from the wall to bit the middle to expose their curves. You can put a couple of accent chairs to complete the look.

Floral Patterns

Dark brown floral patterns on white colour, same like coffee and cream, can be a sofa design latest pattern which is a total winner in the styling. The combination goes fluently with the purple cushions and carpet, which can add freshness to the rhythm. Blue patterns on a grey colour with two dark tones add depth to the interior and provide a statement to the beautiful setting. Cloud blue with mustard yellow creates an elegant and bold scheme with decency.

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