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Buy Furniture Bed Set Online in Pakistan

The bed set is the most frequently used furniture product in every home. The quality of a bed affects your daily life because it provides you sleeping experience. The features, for instance, durability, quality, viability of wood, and comfortability of foam should be followed while selecting a bed set.

Yet the designs of the bed set are essential as well. Now, Gourmet Homes and Furnishers suggest some bed set designs that definitely will give a new look to your bedroom and fit into your budget also.

Modern Bedroom Sets in Pakistan

Modern and contemporary bed set designs are in trend nowadays. People search for bold and antique styles, which craft in solid wood. This pattern gives a versatile look in the bedroom, which attracts all and sundry. Our Luxury Victorian bed set is an example that precisely fits in this category. But if you are looking into upholstered leather with quality wood frame and high-density foam, try our Renaissance Bed set.

Wonderfully crafted palettes in brown hue showcase a combo of classic and modernism. In the meantime, it emanates luxury and comfort. Modern bed sets do not need to contain funky designs. You may still give a contemporary look by simple, classy, and elegant styles. For instance, our Royal Wood Bed with a dark base and antique gold finish gives a trendy outlook in the room.

Wedding or Bridal Bed Set Designs

Marriage is an extraordinary occasion, and a bridal bed set is the most frequently searched item in the furniture. The bridal bed set price in Pakistan varies as per the material used in it. Durability, comfort, and design are the factors that determine the price. The Casa Bed in antique gold finish while stuffed in the fabric is perhaps ideal for a new couple’s bedroom because it stylizes in bright colors.

If you are a shining velvet lover and admire modernism with classical style, adapt Halena Bed, carved in gold leaf finish and solid wood. The one who goes with the mainstream and looking for the design upholstered in a beautiful fabric with quality, comfort, and style. We have some options that you should look into, for example, Hersis Bed, Noor Jahan Bed, and Sultan Bed. The trio can grab the attention.

Simple Bedroom Sets Designs in Pakistan

Simplicity is always admired. The simple bed set designs give a comprehensive look to the room and provide a relaxed feel. It does not require extra effort in cleaning as well. Our beautiful Deluxe bed is one of the models for simple designs. It has a geometric pattern on its headboard using leather. The brown color gives freshness, and you can get it polished every year. The other choice is the Divine bed in solid wood. It is ideal for a bedroom that not only prioritizes exceptional style but extra comfort too. If you want to add a sense of luxury to the bedroom, opt for our Wooden Victorian bed. The classy design will beautify the space with brown and gold palettes which enhance its design and pattern.

Traditional Bed Designs in Pakistan

Classic designs or traditional designs are still demanding. It provides an established look to the room as well as elegance. Our Antique Chest bed crafted in solid wood is an example of classic beauty. The pattern in gold shades can attract the gaze. If you have planned a room with a traditional theme, this gorgeous bed is ideal for you.

On the other hand, our Calisto bed gives a bold look in the same manner. It is also in brown with gold palettes but upholstered in velvet to provide a modern look. You can call it a versatile article.

Single Bedroom Set Designs

The fashion of a single bed set would never go. These are highly recommended for adults. So we have designed our Single Blue Star Bed for this purpose. It contains blue and grey with contemporary, unique, and classy designs. You will admire the lovely style. Another option is our gorgeous Walnut Bed, carved in solid wood and walnut finish. Choose it for naughty children due to its durability. The magnificence article is a combo of modern and contemporary with a classical twist.

Selecting The Best Bed Set For Your Bedroom

The bed is the most important element in the home furniture. You spend one-third of your lifespan sleeping. A good slumber has good effects on waking life. Therefore, select the beds and bedroom furniture very wisely. There are some tips, which should be kept in mind before selecting the bed sets.

The quality of beds can improve your nap time as compared to poor quality beds. Most of people think that brains are inactive during the night or sleeping, which is a wrong perception. The brain goes through a process called consolidation by which skills and information are transformed into more proficient and permanent sections of the brain. Peaceful sleep supports in synthesizing new ideas as well.

Factors To Consider While Buying Beds Online In Pakistan!


Durability is another quality that should focus on before buying a bed. The bed is included in that type of furniture which you do not buy regularly and go for an extended period. Research a lot about the material used in the bed furniture. This would help you to decide the durability of the wood used in it. Make sure beds are made with strong hardwood timber and are appropriately joined together.

Styles and Designs

After confirming the durability, the next step to focus on is the design of the bed. You can find a numerable wooden bed design in the showroom of Gourmet homes and furnishers. Design is critically vital to improve the esthetics value of a house. Different people choose different bed styles. Whether it is traditional or modern bedroom sets, still, we recommend you to go with the design which suits your preferences.

Wood Viability

The wooden furniture industry of Pakistan signifies 95% of the total furniture market. Bed sets are one of the most selling items in the furniture industry. They are quite heavy in weight due to the use of solid wood of hardwood like Sheesham (Indian rosewood) and walnut. There are mainly four styles which are employed in making beautiful bedroom furniture in Pakistan. It includes modern, antique, Mughal, and oriental styles.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Mostly the beds are more expensive due to the frame and the mattress used in them. The other material like pocket springs or latex and additional feature, for instance, border trimming can elevate the price as well. However, it is worth investment because it goes for a long time. Nonetheless, some stores offer seasonal sales like Gourmet Homes and Furnishers. You just keep checking beds for sale online on our page. This would help you get good quality furniture at a low price.

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