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Home Furniture

Furniture works as an essential element of a house. Appropriate use of furniture has the ability to develop a focal point in the area. A variety of home furniture is available in the furniture market of Pakistan. Gourmet Homes & Furnishers is also working vivacious in the same market and featuring a range of unique furniture articles. Each article, which we showcase in our home furniture showroom, possess an exclusive quality and design.

Gourmet Furniture – The Best Furniture Showroom

You can find many furniture shops in Lahore but the quality which makes Gourmet furniture prominent is its uniqueness. We try to blend classic with contemporary from comfortability to affordable prices without compromising the quality. Once you step in our furniture showroom, a residential feeling comes in, which encourages customers to linger. We have arranged the furniture in small sections with accessories instead of presenting piles of products. Hence, customers get décor ideas easily.

Wood Furniture In Pakistan

The wood furniture in Pakistan is expanding and getting prominence with each passing day. The Pakistani wood industry has the potential to generate $1 Billion from exports with the proper support of the government. The manufacturers of Pakistani furniture have numerous skills in homemade furniture because of the Sheesham (rosewood) wood use. It has increased the demand at the national and international levels. The thing which makes the furniture different from each other is the quality of wood used in it. The furniture by Gourmet homes and furnishers uses Sheesham (rosewood), Walnut, Teak, and Deodar.

Latest Furniture Design In Pakistan

Contemporary furniture collaborates with traditional lines with the use of new fabric and material. The advancement of furniture manufacturing methods and technologies has impacted a lot. The substantial transformation that has occurred in the new furniture designs is the form of the furniture, which has come from visually heavy to visually light patterns. The latest furniture designs in Pakistan have been introduced along with the rest of the world. People have converted from dark or gilded carved wood and loud patterned fabrics to the latest gleaming, elegant, and geometry of polished styles.

Comfortable With Light Hues

The furniture designs by Gourmet homes and furnishers have also elevated to new heights. We have mixed traditional designs with chic styles. Our Alamgir and Alexander Sofa and Antique Chest bed are the best examples of versatility. Our policy is to not compromise with the quality and comfortability. The softness and relaxation have always kept in mind prior to developing any design. Meanwhile, easy-going and light hues are used to create a remarkable ambiance

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