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Guide on How to Place a Rug under a Bed Perfectly

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How to Place a Rug Under a Bed:

If you’re having trouble deciding which size rug to put beneath your bed that will be best for your space then don’t worry, we are here to serve you. In fact, throughout our style discussions, this is among the most commonly requested topics to talk about. As It also allows us to discuss how we view the flooring being our home’s fifth wall and also why you would not want to overlook it!
Regardless of whether you have a wall-to-wall carpeting area, still, rugs indeed play an important part in decorating your house more aesthetically. This is because rugs not only add a layer of unexpected texture, but they help to anchor your furniture in the space.
Typically, rugs are a must-have accessory for every space, whether it’s for a touch of elegance, smooth textures that make you feel snug underfoot, along with a burst of color that brightens up your space.
However, let’s be honest, rug placement may be difficult at times. With so many styles and colors to choose from, but once we think we have mastered the struggle, then there is the next arduous task waiting for us where one has to decide the size of their rug to buy.
So, before you hit that state, we suggest you take a breath deeply and don’t try to chew your nails, since most of our customers are in the same boat as you: unsure and hesitant to make a mistake when it’s time to buy an area rug that can fit properly under their bed.
So, let’s just do it correctly this time! We are going to learn how to place a rug under a bed together right?

What Kind of Furniture Goes with a Rug?

To be honest, we abide by the concept that when it comes to decorating your house, there are no rules, only recommendations that can help you get started and take you the right way.
So, once it came to choosing which bedroom furniture will go on the new rug, you have a few options.
As a general guideline, you should never get a rug that surrounds the floor i.e., wall-to-wall covering; rather, you should allow at least 10-20″ of breathing space in between both base trim and the rug’s edge. In this manner, the rug fills the area while also giving the impression that something is floating in the midst of the bedroom. Particularly you have to make sure that at least two legs especially the front one of your furniture are on the rug all the time.
So now we’ve overcome that stumbling block. It is time to go through with the available options.
Suggestions on how to place an area rug under a bed:
Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite rug placement ideas for your bed sets. These suggestions will help you if you are on a mission on how to place an area rug under a bed.

Suggestion 1:

The rug covers the entire bed, including the nightstands, and if there is a seat or bench at the foot of the bed. This is a wonderful alternative for people having a huge bedroom rug, though keep in mind that you’ll need a huge bedroom to pull it off this look.

Suggestion 2:

The rug covers the majority of the bed, as well as any benches at the foot of the bed, but it doesn’t cover the nightstands.

Suggestion 3:

The rug covers the lowest part of the bed, plus a seat at the foot of the bed if one exists, but nothing else.

Size of the rug -how to put a rug under a king-size bed:

So, if it chooses the correct size rug under your bed sets especially king size then there includes a few other factors, which must be considered, such as the size of your room. what kind of furnishings do you have in the bedroom? or more specifically how to put a rug under a king-size bed?
You can pick any of the below recommendations to put a rug under your king-size bed:

  • Rug size with the dimension of 9×12 (here rug will cover your entire bed, nightstands, and foot bench)
  • Rug size with the dimension of 8×10 (here rug will cover your 3/4th bed with front two-bed legs, and foot bench but exclude nightstand and back legs & head of the bed)
  • Rug size with the dimension of 6×9 (here rug will cover your half bed with front two-bed legs, and foot bench but exclude nightstand and back legs & head of the bed)
  • Rug size with the dimension of 3×5 (here rug will cover nightstand and back legs & head of the bed and exclude the rest part of the bed with the front two-bed legs, and foot bench)

Why You Should Invest in Rug Pads?

It’s just similar to our playbook that plays an important part, we consider the rug as the 5th wall to your bedroom which cannot be overlooked. Hence, while buying a good rug we also suggest you invest in a quality rug pad. when you are styling your room.

So it will make your walking on your rug even more pleasant particularly if your floor is made of hardwood, but it also helps to prevent your rug from walking or shifting across the floor. Moreover, it will protect your rug from breaking down or rippling in the middle.
Sellers will attempt to sell you a rug pad (and that’s Ok), but we suggest you wait until you receive your rug or before measuring your rug and then go by buying a rug pad made from your local carpet cleaner for your bedroom carpet or hard floor.
Book a one-on-one pow-wow from us here and watch the real magic, mate!