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Dining Room Sets

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Dining Room Sets  

Dining room sets are designed to facilitate family conjunctions. You can upgrade your kitchen and dining room style correctly with dining sets. The size of the dining set varies according to the space availability and the requirement of the family. The dining set’s material and designs determined by the space need, and budget as well. Gourmet Homes and Furnishers help you in selecting a beautiful and quality dining table and chairs within budget.

Wood Dining Sets
Dining sets are commonly crafted in wood, and we provide you with a variety of wooden dining sets. The Grand Roman Dining is one of our masterpieces with a bright shine surface. Crafts in solid wood with different brown hues and a base pattern give your dining room a vibrant look.

If your dining room is monochrome, then our Walnut Dining table is ideal for you. It features a deep walnut tone with clean lines and a beautiful floral pattern. This beauty gives a modern aesthetic look.

The floral patterns on the dining table are in trend nowadays like our Walnut Dining Gloss Table. It has a deep walnut tone gloss finish with a monochrome and modern look.

Small Dining Table and Chairs 
Space plays a vital role in making a piece of furniture attractive. Select the dining table and chairs according to the area. If your dining area is congested, then our Crowned Back Dining perhaps would be a better option. It has a dark shade of brown with a smooth finish. The lovely and fair pattern in the table corner is bound to make a statement in your dining room or lounge. It gives a perfectly delicate look.

Modern Dining Table
The modern and royal look is a choice of all and sundry. Our Regal Dining is a perfect option for a contemporary and comfortable dining experience. The table has a glass top design with an eye-catching spiral pattern. It is stylized in solid wood with black paint.

Our classical and Victorian-style Rococo Dining gives a rich and imperial look. The pattern on the base is eye-catching. It is crafted in warm brown and gold tones with a magnificent outlook.

Many people want an artistic version along with modernity. So our Versace B&G Dining is based on this concept. The base top is in black with a bold spiral and Versace pattern in gold hue. It is enough to bestow a statement to your dining room.

Black Dining Set
The stereotype about the black color is gone now. In fact, black is trending these days. So love our Gold Leaf Dining table featuring solid wood, with a beautiful and bold gold pattern on it with different earth and rustic gold tones. This masterpiece will add extra glory and beauty to your room.

One of our articles, Mother of Pearl dining, is the best option for a bridal dining set. The elegant and gorgeous design serves as a black dining table with red chairs, which look stunning. It is finely crafted using our solid wood with Versace pattern embedded with white seashells.

You can adorn the small corners of the kitchen or lounge with our modern and round Versace Dining. The bold Versace pattern is used on its border.

Metal Dining Set 
Wood is not only the material that is used in dining sets. These are also made in metal as well due to their durability. Metal dining sets are easy to clean and handle if you have a big family and fond of inviting people then this is the best option for you.

Dining Sets with Benches
The contemporary trend is dining sets with benches. Benches have the capacity of serving large gatherings and are also used for multiple purposes. You may also put a bench on the single side rather than putting it on both sides. These are best used in lounges to provide extra seating.

Tufted Dining Chairs 
The designs and styles of dining table chairs are as important as the surface of the dining table. Tufted chairs can use with the dining table in the drawing-room. If you have put tufted sofas in your drawing room, tufted dining chairs give a plus to the interior.

Glass Dining Table 
The glass dining table is the most commonly used style which always is in fashion. Our Tivoli Dining with elegant design gives a beautiful and warm look. The top is made with glass, and the base is crafted in solid wood with earth tones.

How to Classify Dining Set
Dining room furniture is not the least important furniture in a house. It is the area where a whole family shares meals and memories. Guests are served and special parties, celebrations, and holidays are spent here. Dining furniture comes in numerous shapes, materials, and designs, from which you can select according to your choice.

Dimensions of Dining Room
The shape of the dining room sets should be the first consideration as it will go with the size of the dining room space. Once the shape and size are selected now, the material and design may follow.

Rectangular Tables
Rectangular-shaped tables are highly preferred by people. These shapes are popular because of their functionality and versatility. Mostly dining tables tailored six to twelve people depending on the length.

Square Tables
Square shape dining tables are considered simple and utilized in narrow and small rooms. The tables of this shape opt for a large area. Hence these are designed to cater to four to six people.

Round Tables
Round tables are ideal for small size dining areas. This shape provides the choice to create elegance and an intimate atmosphere to space. The round shape helps everyone to see everyone else and converse easily. Mostly the kitchen table and chairs are made on this pattern.

Construction Material
Dining tables are constructed with different materials. The dining tables of Gourmet Homes and Furnishers are made up of wood, glass, metal, leather, and fabric.

Price of Dining Tables
The dining table price in Pakistan differs according to the material used in it. Solid wood and glass dining tables are considered expensive. Different online furniture pages like Gourmet Homes and Furnishers offer dining set for sale to boost their sales. It might be the best choice to get furniture at a low price.

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