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How to Categorize Sofa set

Sofas are categorized by their size, arm, and back shape. One can distinguish them by their styles. Gourmet homes and furnishers present a variety of sofa set designs on their platform. Now we are going to give you a full overview of the designs, styles, shapes, and prices of home sofa sets.

The ottoman

Ottoman is becoming more popular nowadays. The name has derived from the Ottoman Empire because they used these pieces for different purposes. They are typically used as a coffee table or footstool nowadays. Over time it has become a complementary element to the sofa.


In the early times, benches, chests, and stools were used commonly but with time armchairs have become more popular. Today armchairs come in all sizes and shapes and are employed as a single sofa for one person.


Loveseats are the other type of sofas. It is also called a two or three-seat sofa. Our Chesterfield sofa, Cane sofa set, and Butterfly sofa are the best examples of loveseat sofas.

Sectional sofas

The sectional or modular sofas are possibly a combination of different pieces of sofas put together to fill a large space. L shape sofa and corner sofa can be a type of sectional sofa set. Sectional sofas have numerous designs. It has commonly three to five sections. These are usually utilized in living rooms. We are a huge supplier of sectional sofas that provide functionality without compromising on style.

Chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield sofas are popular for their quilted or tufted styles. Some sofas have tufted at their back and arm, but some have it on their bench as well. Our Classical sofa set and French Quilted sofa are some examples of their kind.

Lawson sofas

The Lawson style sofa is totally designed to give the utmost comfort level. It carries pillows independently from the frame. We offer these sofas in different sizes, colors, and materials.

Sofas on discount

Sofas are less expensive than a bed because of the frame and wood used in them. Sofa set prices in Pakistan range from thousand to lac according to the style and quality of raw material. Gourmet homes and furnishers offer occasional discounts to the customers. You may visit our website regularly to get the chance and put your order to buy a sofa online. The customers residing abroad can also buy a sofa online in Pakistan by placing their order on our website.

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